Nature's Finest Peanut Butter
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Nature's Finest Peanut Butter

Our rich creamy, Peanut Butter full of fresh Virginia peanuts and just a pinch of salt. No additives. No preservatives. And added sugars.
[GF]Contains no gluten ingredients.

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All Natural Peanut Butter (Smooth, Lightly Salted) Three Jars 46003 $29.99 Qty:
All Natural Peanut Butter (Smooth, Salt free) Three Jars 46004 $29.99 Qty:
All Natural Peanut Butter (Crunchy, Lightly Salted) Three Jars 46010 $29.99 Qty:
All Natural Peanut Butter (Sampler) Three Jars 46060 $29.99 Qty:
Best PB in the world
  - By Jackie on Apr 13, 2015
I love PeanutShop peanuts, I've been buying them for many years. So I figured I would try the PB. OMG, I am now addicted and cannot eat other peanut butter. I've become a PB snob!
Needs a crunchy, no-salt version!
  - By Maya Shankar on Jul 7, 2014
Love the unique, crunchy texture of this peanut butter - but it's too salty! I agree with some of the other reviewers - please do make a crunchy version with no salt and it'll be heaven on earth.
Best you can buy
  - By TW on Jun 7, 2013
I've ordered different peanut butters over the years, then came upon this brand. I eat organic, but do not eat organic peanut butter. I've tasted organic pb and it does not taste as good (or is as healthy as) Peanut Shop pb. One thing I like about this pb is it has tiny bits of peanuts, but I would not call it the standard 'crunchy'. I prefer un-crunchy! Doesn't say to refrigerate, but I do, since without refrigeration, it tends to be 'runny'. I have 2 jars open. 1 jar is plain pb and the 2nd jar I mix in my own homemade muesli, vanilla whey protein powder and if needed, a little coconut oil to soften for consistency. It is almost like eating peanut butter balls, but right out of the jar (in moderation, because it is so yummy good!) I also make pb balls and like pb sometimes in a protein smoothie w/banana.
  - By Cynthia Schaeffer on Dec 7, 2012
This has been the best peanut butter I have tasted. Always but when I visit Williamsburg. I have also hooked by Dad on this, so he will be getting some in his Christmas stocking:)
Crunchy, No Salt fan
  - By Donna on May 25, 2012
Admittedly, I have not yet tried the peanut butters, but I have no doubt they are wonderful, just as the peanuts. I will be buying crunchy, but PLEASE! Think of us who prefer Crunchy No Salt.
Love the No-Salt Variety!
  - By Marsha Basquette on May 21, 2012
I only like no-salt peanut butter so until I found this I had to drive 20 miles to a whole foods store to grind it myself. This actually tastes fresher and doesn't seem to have the slight bitterness I sometimes detected in the grind-your-own variety. If this came in "Crunchy" I would be over the moon!
Nothing but the best!
  - By Bob Ellison on Oct 7, 2011
Admittedly, I'm a peanut butter junkie--I eat it out of the jar, on celery, on pancakes and French toast (yes, WITH syrup on it!), on toast of all kinds (on beer bread toast is great!) and in sandwiches with bananas, and with jam or jelly, and have sampled almost every brand of peanut butter available here in the Northwest. THIS peanut butter from The Peanut Shop is absolutely the best I've ever had, and it has NO SUGAR! So yes, I mail order my peanut butter now because it really IS the best.
PB nut
  - By jim on Oct 2, 2011
Can anyone tell me if this Peanut butter has hydrogenated oils ? Those are the silent killers
Simply Amazing
  - By Ryan Yagatich on Aug 5, 2011
About a year ago, I went on a no-processed-sugar diet. This included sugar and HFCS. I was in dire need of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and had tried several types of natural PB in the process. Until I found this brand, they were all sub par. Your brand however, is some of the best peanut butter I have ever tasted. Not only is it sugar-free, but I couldn't even tell that there was no sugar. And, being the sugar addict I am, your brand certainly takes the cake! I can state with absolute certainty that I will continue to purchase your peanut butter for a very long time.
Peanut Butter
  - By Mary-Ellen on Aug 4, 2011
the best ! I also love everything else. I always refrigerate the peanut butter.
Simply the best peanut butter
  - By Peggy on Jun 14, 2011
I received this peanut butter as part of the Amazing clubs peanut butter and jelly club. It lasted about 10 days in my house! I am patiently awaiting the next months peanut butter and hope it is as great as this one was, if not I will be placing an order. You guys have perfected the peanut butter receipe!
So Good
  - By Emily on Apr 25, 2011
This peanut butter is so good, I've known people to eat the whole jar in 24 hours. I used to be fully stocked when I went to W&M, now I buy it on special occasions!
  - By VICKI on Apr 5, 2011
Love this peanut butter. Delicious! All natural, no additives. Doesn't need to be refrigerated. Only peanut butter my family uses. Great source of protein.
love this stuff
  - By Stephanie Ortale on Jan 8, 2011
I don't see anything about "refrigerate after opening" does anyone know?
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46060 All Natural Peanut Butter Sampler
  • Smooth Lightly Salted Peanut Butter 18 oz
  • Smooth Salt Free Peanut Butter 18 oz
  • Crunch Lightly Salted Peanut Butter 18
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